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Design Brief

Make a short stop motion animation video lasting around 90 seconds.  Agree the subject with your lecturer and include a soundtrack.


An introduction to the skills and technology needed to make a stop motion animation video.

Skills & Knowledge

Using a still digital camera.

Planning shots.

Image resolution.

Basic video editing using Movie Maker or similar.

Manipulating images and audio on timelines.


Still camera.

Movie maker or similar software.


Web access.


You can work in groups or 2 or 3.  Assign a job to each person and swap jobs around so you get a shot at each one.

Plan your shots.

You will need to take a lot of pictures.

Use what’s around you for props.

Create a project folder to keep all your files in.

If you are working as part of a group you still have to produce your own version edited by yourself.

If you are not clear, ask.

You can get audio samples from the web or record your own.  Watch out for copyright problems.


As agreed with your Tutor






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