Beach Walk Audio Picture Project

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Create an audio piece, 2 to 3 minutes long, based on a couple walking their dog along a beach during a storm.  This should give you lots of scope to create a believable  audio environment.  Build your soundtrack up using layers such as

  • Footsteps
  • Waves
  • Rain
  • Storm – thunder and lightning
  • Dog

Plus any other effects tracks that you think will help recreate the scene in the listeners imagination.

Mix all the tracks down to a stereo master

Pay attention to the different levels of each track and aim for a mix that gives a balance between them all that is clear and without distortion.





Basic Multi-tracking Project

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Use Adobe Audition to create a simple multi-tracked mix from looped audio samples.  You have to create 2 tracks using a selection of the given audio samples.  Both tracks have to be around 2 minutes long and published on the web.

Project activities

Set your project up

  • Create a project folder to keep all your files in one place
  • Create an Audition session file.
  • Have a look at the audio samples in the Audition folder on the M drive.
  • Locate the files you want to use and copy them into your project folder.  Note, working across network drives will make your session crash all the time.
  • Import the files into your session.

Create your arrangement from you chose samples

  • Organise the samples over a number of timelines (at least3 ) to create simple music track lasting around 90 to 120 seconds.

Demonstrate the following techniques in your mix

  • Panning two tracks
  • Fading tracks in and out
  • Adding reverb effect
  • Adding chorus effect

Master for output

  • Adjusting audio levels for a final mix
  • Mixing down to a final master
  • Adding compression and equalisation to the master
  • Saving final mix as a wav file

Do this for two different musical styles or variations.  Upload both tracks to Soundcloud and link it to your blog along with comments on what you have done to create the tracks.

Make sure you have done at least this exercise first.

Audio Recording project

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This is a simple project to record a variety of sounds using a portable audio recorder such as the Zoom H2

Make sure you are familiar with

  • Switching on the recorder.
  • Choosing the set of mics you want use
  • Monitoring the audio input
  • Setting the audio recording levels
  • Making a recording that has a minimum of unwanted extra noises i.e your hand holding the mic or rustle of your clothing.
  • Switch off  the recorder
  • Transfer files to a PC

Make 10 good quality recordings of the following

  • Birds/animals
  • Traffic
  • Door opening
  • Door closing
  • People in a large space
  • Footsteps (various surfaces)
  • Machinery/workshop

Transfer the audio files into a folder you have created on a PC, rename them according to what they are a recording of, and put them together using an application such as Adobe Audition or Premier Pro

Save the session/project file in the folder and submit the folder for assessment.  Alternatively you could submit via Soundcloud and your blog.



Mars Attacks Soundtrack exercise

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The object of this exercise is to concentrate on the audio layers within a movie. To do this you are going to work with some still images and imagine the sounds that you would hear within the scene. In this case use three cards from the Mars Attacks bubblegum card set.

Pick card scenes that are going to allow you a lot of scope to create a densely layered soundtrack. Remember there are three basic layers in a soundtrack

Sound Effects

Insert your choice of cards into a word document and write about what you think would be heard within the scene. This becomes your plan for sourcing and editing your audio sample files

As usual, create a project folder to keep all your files in and then create a project in Premier Pro. Create three scenes on the timeline each lasting approximately 20 seconds. Include titles and credits. Export your final movie in DV AVI format.


Mr Whyte project

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Audio Acquisition Projects

Create a soundtrack for the given visual materials. The soundtrack has to be formed from three main elements

Sound effects

You will be working with a simple story of a man walking through an apparently empty college. Use your imagination to “hear” what would be in each scene.  It is expected that you will use multiple tracks for each of the three main audio elements. Give it a theme, for example, it could be funny or sinister.