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Graphic Design Exercise 1 Target dates 2008 session

Target dates

Brand Identity – 5 Logos analysis – 29/10/08

Typography – 5/11/08

Colour – 12/11/08

Layout – 19/11/08

Initial Design ideas – paper prototypes- 3/12/08


Graphic Design Exercise 1

Brand Elements and Identity


The design elements of branding




How should it look and why? Key elements here are colour, typography, logo and packaging.  How do they appeal to the target market?



How should clients feel when they use the service.  How could this be communicated in the design?



What benefits do the users get from the brand?  How could it be communicated in the design?  Explicitly or implicitly?



How should the client feel about owning or being associated with the brand?



Should the brand appeal be more objective and logical?  How could this be communicated?



Does a culture of buying this brand exist?  If so, who, where and why?






Identify 5 brands/logos that you like and explain in terms of brand elements








Thinking with type


Word project, test your imagination – project guide


Font demo leaflet exercise – project guide






Colour Theory


Good introduction to the science of colour – Colour Vision and Art


Colour palette exercise


Produce a colour pallete for your design idea using Kuler or similar




Webstyle guide


Expressive typographic poster exercise



Visual presentation


Mood Board PACT analysis, initial ideas etc..


Design ideas board – exercise demonstrating ideas about logo/branding, typograpghy, colour and layout







Developing Multimedia Applications Project Activities

Multimedia Applications design briefs

Student Portfolio

Create an electronic portfolio for Media Space students to showcase their work.  Use DVD format as the main platform with additional web and mobile versions.


Create a DVD with mobile and web versions of a package to support learning and teaching.  Target audience 12 to 18 years studying relevant subjects at school.  Make use of current technology and culturally relevant.

New Media Space promo

Create a DVD with mobile and web versions to promote an independant spin-off of media space.   Emphasis on improved student experience with current software and hardware and stronger links with business.