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BBC Academy

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BBC Academy

About the BBC Academy

The BBC Academy is the BBC’s centre for training. It houses the Colleges of Journalism, Production, Leadership and the Centre of Technology.

The BBC Academy puts training and development at the heart of the BBC and also works with the wider broadcast industry, equipping people with skills they need for a lifetime of employability in the ever-changing media landscape.

The Academy focuses on providing a portfolio of high-quality training and development. This includes face-to-face courses, online programmes and a variety of development initiatives, and ensures that training is relevant and effective for both the individual and the business.

As well as training our own staff, we have a remit under the terms of the BBC’s Charter Agreement to train the wider industry. We aim to share as much of our training as possible with the wider UK broadcasting industry for free. We also offer some of our courses on a commercial basis, both within the UK and abroad.

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Vodaphone Accessibility Awards

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Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards
The Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards is a new contest to promote the
development of IT applications designed to improve the lives of those with
disabilities and people that are older, to help them get more actively involved
in society.
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C4 jobs

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Kick start your media career

4Talent Starting Out

Where could your talent take you? Wherever you want to go in the media industry, start here.

4Talent Extra

Check out our 4 Talent on and off screen programmes, which give you the opportunity to gain credits as directors, writers and producers for Channel 4.

C4 Jobs

Want to further your media career?

View current vacancies at Channel 4

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Interactive Scotland

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Interactive ScotlandInteractive Scotland

Interactive Scotland provides expert help and support for SME’s across the digital media sector in Scotland.

If you’re looking to develop your business within this expanding market, or are already working in the sector, you can access our services and resources free of charge and exploit the market opportunities available.

£2.4 billion

Creative industries companies contribute £2.4 billion GVA to the Scottish economy

More key facts 

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Audiophile workstation  - The London Studios

Skillset is the industry body which supports skills and training for people and businesses to ensure the UK creative industries maintain their world class position.

If you’re working in one of these industries, we have information and resources to help you take your career to the next level.

And if you’re just starting out, you’ll find information on all the different jobs out there to help you decide which one is right for you.

Have you had your say?

CIC skills group

Skillset is calling on the UK Creative Industries to voice their opinions about how to continue developing world-beating creative talent.

Read More

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Bandcamp logo

In the past 30 days alone, artists have made
USD using Bandcamp, and monthly sales growth since our launch
looks like this:

To find out why forward thinkers like
Sufjan Stevens,
Amanda Palmer, and
Zoë Keating
call Bandcamp home sweet home, watch this:

  • On Bandcamp, albums outsell tracks 5 to 1 (in the rest
    of the music buying world, tracks outsell albums 16 to 1).
  • On name-your-price albums, fans pay an average of 50%
    than whatever you set as your minimum.
  • We’ve driven 1,340,334 paid transactions and served 18,019,644 downloads to happy fans.
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    Creativity Portal

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    The Creativity Portal aims to inspire and stimulate creativity in learning and teaching through partnerships between education and the arts and cultural sectors, to support the Curriculum for Excellence. —Read more
    Neil Logue, Director of Education, Angus Council —View

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