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Use Adobe Audition to create a simple multi-tracked mix from looped audio samples.  You have to create 2 tracks using a selection of the given audio samples.  Both tracks have to be around 2 minutes long and published on the web.

Project activities

Set your project up

  • Create a project folder to keep all your files in one place
  • Create an Audition session file.
  • Have a look at the audio samples in the Audition folder on the M drive.
  • Locate the files you want to use and copy them into your project folder.  Note, working across network drives will make your session crash all the time.
  • Import the files into your session.

Create your arrangement from you chose samples

  • Organise the samples over a number of timelines (at least3 ) to create simple music track lasting around 90 to 120 seconds.

Demonstrate the following techniques in your mix

  • Panning two tracks
  • Fading tracks in and out
  • Adding reverb effect
  • Adding chorus effect

Master for output

  • Adjusting audio levels for a final mix
  • Mixing down to a final master
  • Adding compression and equalisation to the master
  • Saving final mix as a wav file

Do this for two different musical styles or variations.  Upload both tracks to Soundcloud and link it to your blog along with comments on what you have done to create the tracks.

Make sure you have done at least this exercise first.

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