It has been a very exciting week for the A Toronto Symphony project. We launched our Media Scores app and have received dozens of wonderful contributions and comments from many of you. We had a truly wonderful session last week with school kids from around Toronto who shared their exciting Hyperscore compositions created for the project, many of them performed by musicians from the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra.Today we are delighted to launch a brand new web app that offers a completely different way for you to contribute to the creative process of A Toronto Symphony. CONSTELLATION has been designed especially for A Toronto Symphony by Akito Van Troyer and my team at the MIT Media Lab. Like Media Scores, Constellation lets you take material I have composed for the piece and then reshape, modify, morph and personalize it to create the version that you like best. It has a truly fun – and, honestly, somewhat addictive – interface that lets you move the mouse over clouds of bubbles to create “constellations” of beautiful sounds. These constellations are recorded, can be played back, and become your musical “score” made from this material.Using the Constellation app, you’ll find three very different “galaxies” of sounds with

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