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Sound Map Project class notes

Points of clarification from today’s classes

You should now have blog posts covering;
1 Interpretation of brief for at least the first audio mapping project
2 A 10 week plan for both projects
3 What you are going to try and do for the audio map

Remember a good audio recording is;
Not too loud or too quiet – recording levels
Edited as necessary
Clear and free from other sounds

If using a phone and the Soundcloud app do some test recordings first. Also useful to identify where the mic is so you do not cover it and you could point it at the sound source

Once it’s on Soundcloud copy the URI and paste it onto the data marker on your Google map

Each recording is to be between 30 seconds minimum and 5 minutes maximum.

Production Project – event scenario

For this project you are working as a freelancer providing services to an exhibition event.  You will


  • Contribute to the Dunfermline Sound Survey project.
  • Develop material for a Digital Landscapes installation.
  • Promote yourself by exhibiting some of your work.




Dunfermline Sound Survey – Event Brief

Hold an event to Promote and launch the Dunfermline Sound Survey website


Manage development of site

Curate material

Get site up and running

Hold launch event at College Exhibition



This is the default event and you will have agree to go with this or come up with an alternative that everyone agrees on by week 2



London Sound Survey

Sound map Worksheet


Create a sound map of an agreed set of locationssoundcloud_logo1


Use 6 to 10 locations that you can easily and safely access. Agree them first with your tutor.

Capture around 60 seconds worth of material at each location.  Take some photographs as well.

You can use the Soundcloud app on your phone or a Zoom recorder and upload to Soundcloud

Create a map in Google maps and add your locations with a link to the sound you recorded at that location (There’s a mini tutorial for this)

You cannot use where you live as a location.


Edinburgh Sound Map project

UK sound map at the British Library

London Sound Survey

Book based sound map of London

A sound map of New Orleans

Acoustic Ecology